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Share Your QR Code and URL

Embrace Your Creativity!

There are many ways to use your unique QR Code and URL to reach more customers and share your business. The options are endless, so embrace your creativity! Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

qr table

Display at tables

Display your QR Code at your tables so customers can easily access the menu.

qr outside

Display outside your store

Stick a Window Sticker outside of your store so your menu can be accessed at any time.

qr counter

Display on a counter

Place your QR Code on a counter so visitors can quickly see your store's products.

qr window

Stick on a window

Use a Window Sticker to allow passers-by to view your shop information - even if you are closed!

qr store

Display at your store

Use our QR POP (printed or ordered) to display your QR Code at tables or by the counter for quick and easy menu access.

qr menu

Add to your current menu

Our mini QR POP Stickers can be added to your current menu to give customers a digital way to view your products.

qr product

Place near your products

Stick your QR code near your products so customers can access detailed descriptions.

url instagram

Add to your Instagram Story

Use Instagram's Link feature to add your menu directly to your stories.

qr event

Use at events

Use your QR code at events to share more information about your products with customers visiting your stand or booth.

No time? We can help!

DIGITOMENU offers several display kit options to make life easy for you. Learn more about and order these products here, or contact us at for more information.