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Love Card Campaign

Two #supportlocal cards

Why did you receive this card?

You received a love card, lucky you! This means that your customer loved their experience at your place and wanted you to know. This is their way to show you their love and support. Don’t forget to read the little note on the back!

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Which love card did you receive?

You can receive two types of love cards:

Orange #supportlocal card

Orange heart

If you received a card with an orange heart, it means that the customer visited your shop for the first time, loved the experience and wanted to let you know. The customer will likely visit your shop again.

Gold #supportlocal card

Gold heart

If you received a card with a gold heart, it means that the customer is a regular one who has been enjoying their experience at your shop and wanted to let you know. The customer will likely continue to visit you.

Display of #supportlocal cards

What should you do with your love cards?

You can cherish and keep your love card(s) to yourself, but our recommendation is to show them to the world instead:
 • Share a photo of your love card(s) on your SNS. Tag us @digitomenu with #SUPPORTLOCAL and we would be happy to re-share!
 • Display your cards at your store, in a frame, or nicely hung at the counter or window. Be creative!

You can also collect your love cards! If you have already received one card, you might receive more in the future. You are loved by your customers and this is a fact to celebrate and be proud of.



#SUPPORTLOCAL is an initiative created by DIGITOMENU, a mobile menu technology service provided by DOKOJAPAN K.K, a Fukuoka-established company. #SUPPORTLOCAL was launched first on SNS to encourage customers to share and tag their favorite businesses on a monthly basis. After the success of the first posts, we wanted to create more actions around this positive message and to initiate a bridge between online and offline initiatives. This is how the love cards campaign started! We know these past years have been difficult for all of you, and how important it is to see that your shops are loved and supported. We hope you will receive many more love cards, and above all, that you will enjoy this human-oriented campaign!

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Sharing the Local Favorites

Shops that have received love cards go above and beyond in providing great experiences, products and services to their customers. Here are some of the shops that have been loved by locals. We recommend visiting them yourself!

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#supportlocal card
#supportlocal card
#supportlocal card