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Attract more customers with a Mobile Menu!


Client Testimonies

Mobile Menus for All Businesses

Okinawan Cafe and Shop

Shop atmosphere
QR code
POP showcase

Sakai-san uses scannable QR Codes throughout her shop to make sure customers can access the product information even when she is busy attending to others.

Since there are many foreign and new customers, it is very helpful to be able to provide product explanations in multiple languages through DIGITOMENU.

Sakai-san - Shop Owner
SUGURI Zakka & Nature Café

Yakitori Izakaya

Shop atmosphere
QR code
POP showcase

Kawaya places Mini POP Stickers at their tables to give customers a digital and multilingual alternative to the traditional menu.

DIGITOMENU allows everyone at the table to see the entire menu at once. In addition, since it is paperless, there is no need to replace the menu resulting in a reduction in labor and cost.

Yukutake-san - Restaurant Manager
Kawaya Gion


How can you use your QR Code and URL?

qr store

Display at your store

Use our QR POP (printed or ordered) to display your QR Code at tables or by the counter for quick and easy menu access.

qr window

Stick on a window

Use a Window Sticker to allow passers-by to view your shop information - even if you are closed!

url instagram

Add to your Instagram Story

Use Instagram's Link feature to add your menu directly to your stories.

qr menu

Add to your current menu

Our mini QR POP Stickers can be added to your current menu to give customers a digital way to view your products.

See more usages here!

How It Works

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Sign Up


Sign Up

Registration is simple and quick. It only takes a few minutes!

Create Your Mobile Menu


Create Your Mobile Menu

Mobile menus are easy to make on DIGITOMENU. Restaurants, cafes, gift shops, and more can benefit from creating a mobile menu!

Display Your QR Code


Display Your QR Code

After your menu is created, you will receive a unique QR code and URL. Share these online and in person to attract more customers to your store!

Product Benefits


QR code POP

Scan or click to see our DEMO Menus

A Powerful Communication Tool

In just a few minutes, set up a mobile menu that can be shared anytime, anywhere.

Mobile menus allow businesses to seamlessly share their shop’s unique story and important information.

Menu tools

Save Time and Cut Costs

Save costs associated with creating, processing, and printing traditional menus. This also applies when updating products or adding seasonal items.

Manage your content digitally and see updates reflected in real time.

Connect with Customers

Connect With Customers

Customers can learn about your business through your mobile menu and enjoy features such as photos, currency conversion* and creating a selection list.

Our powerful translation* technology helps reduce the language barrier and attracts more customers.

*PREMIUM Plans only

One Tree Planted

Contribute to a Sustainable Future

Mobile menus helps reduce the paper and plastic consumption required to print new menus.

For each menu created on the platform, DIGITOMENU plants 1 tree where the planet needs it the most.

Sign up to become one of our sustainability partners and start making a positive environmental impact!


A full range of features available with just one click

Smart QR Code

One unique QR code to access all your menus


Let customer pre-select their order directly from their smartphone

Logo & SNS

Add your business logo and SNS



Multiple languages available for your menu


Color customization

Choose your colors and customize your menu as you wish


Enhanced products

Add picture, special diets and even spiciness to all your products


Plans to Match Your Business Needs


For businesses just getting started with mobile menus

0円*/ year

Get Started Now
  • Unlimited menu creation
  • Basic product descriptions
  • 2 color themes

See all features

*excludes taxes


For businesses who want to attract the most customers at the best price

24,000円*/ year

Try Free for 30 days
  • Unlimited menu creation
  • Translations in 7 languages
  • Enhanced product descriptions with dietary tags, spiciness levels, and photos
  • Monthly menu report of usage statistics
  • 26 color themes

See all features

*excludes taxes

PREMIUM - Monthly

For businesses who want all the tools to reach new customers

2,500円*/ month

Try Free for 14 days
  • Unlimited menu creation
  • Translations in 7 languages
  • Enhanced product descriptions with dietary tags, spiciness levels, and photos
  • Monthly menu report of usage statistics
  • 26 color themes

See all features

*excludes taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions?


DIGITOMENU is a service that provides QR code menus to local shops. Customers can see the menu of the shop on their smartphone.

Q: How do I start DIGITOMENU?

Access the DIGITOMENU official site by searching You can then start DIGITOMENU by clicking an orange button that says "Signup", "Sign up and start for free!", "Start with STARTER plan", "Start with PREMIUM" or "Register & Create your menu".

Q: What kind of stores can use DIGITOMENU?

DIGITOMENU can be used in all local businesses like restaurants, cafes, izakayas, bars, gift stores, bakeries, wine shops, omiyage shops, yatai, etc.

Q: How long does it take for the QR code menu to be available after registration?

You will be able to use the QR code menu from the first day of official registration.

Q: What do I need to prepare at the store?

All you need to create a QR code menu is a computer. There is no need to use other equipment or systems.

*After creating the QR code menu, print the QR code to use it in your store. If you need a Display Kit at that time, please contact the DIGITOMENU Team:

Q: Is there an initial cost?

There is no initial cost or deposit needed.

Not seeing your question? Check out our full FAQ, , or give us a call! We will get back to you right away.

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